Don’t Josh Me – The Purpose

I used to hate the idea of personal pages.

It always seemed like, to me, that personal pages were meant to draw attention to a specific person. It seemed narcissistic, self-centered, and even somewhat idolatrous.

Now, this is probably true for some personal pages out there.

There many people who want to make a name for themselves, build a platform for themselves, bring glory to themselves. In light of this consideration, I  never thought I’d bring myself to create such a website. I, along with my brother Jason Hinrichs, opted instead to create an online presence that focused not on one person, but on many different persons. This is what The Reformed Collective does after all, doesn’t it?

On The Reformed Collective we have the Baptist network, made up of a bunch of Baptists; then we have the Paedobaptist network, made up of Presbyterians and Dutch Reformed people.

With this thought in mind, the question arose, “Does it really make a difference if a website is about one person, or a bunch of persons?” I mean, after all, it could all be narcissistic, couldn’t it? This is probably why Jason and I chose to restrict The Reformed Collective to broad Reformed confessionalism. The historic Reformed confessions are explicitly Christocentric. Cast in that light, The Reformed Collective is more about Christ than it is about the people who write concerning Him.

If not careful, a group of people could be group-centric just as one person could be egocentric, right? How, then, are websites, which seem to be about people, to be thought of?

Dr. Christian George at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary often remarks upon the much “venerated” Spurgeon Library by saying, “Spurgeon wouldn’t want people to come here to see him. Rather, it would’ve been Spurgeon’s desire that people looked through Spurgeon to Jesus Christ.” That’s a rough quote, but the idea is that Spurgeon wanted everything about his life to be reflective of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In other words, it shouldn’t be thought of as intrinsically wrong to have a presence in any given community when that presence is used solely as a means to show forth the majesty and beauty of the King of kings.

That’s my hope for this website. is purposed as an online domain in which a person can find all the work God has done in my life. This includes debates I’ve been in, my writing, and any other content I am able to include.

In conclusion, I hope everyone visiting this website is edified to the glory of God. In a sense, my speculation about personal pages was right. Personal pages are about persons, but this personal page is about the only perfect Person, Jesus Christ.

If you are a fellow believer, and you are perusing the pages of this site, please know that I am a sinner, prone to mistakes and many short-comings. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the content I post, and the work I have been involved with elsewhere (cf. Portfolio).

If you are not a believer, but are still here on this site, welcome! Please, I urge you to watch the two brief videos linked under ‘What is the Gospel?’

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for visiting!

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