Joshua Sommer is the founder of The Baptist Reformation. Any questions or concerns may be directed toward him either on Facebook of through email.

The authors of The Baptist Reformation are fully subscriptional to the  London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689).

The purpose of The Baptist Reformation is to discuss the rich doctrine recovered during the Protestant Reformation, spark interest in Reformed Baptist theology, and engage in theological discussion and debate to the glory of God.

Since the time of the Second Great Awakening, and even in times prior, there has developed a rugged individualism which has hindered the Evangelical church. This individualism has caused a lack of ecclesial integrity followed by a general disinterest in tough theological issues our Reformed predecessors were not afraid to talk about.

Contributing to the productivity of the Reformation was a zeal for pure doctrine within the church. Luther, Zwingly, Calvin, Beza, and others were willing to die for, what they believed to be, sound doctrine.

Here at The Baptist Reformation, we aspire to call our brothers and sisters into the various theological discussions the church desperately needs to have. Silence is never good for the church, and at TBR we are committed to making much productive and precise noise for the sake of true biblical doctrine.

For questions or concerns, please contact us here.