Meditations on ‘Of Adoption’

Adoption is one of the benefits of New Covenant membership. It is also one of the most neglected doctrines in theology books. Our own Confession only commits one paragraph to it; but that one paragraph carries the weight of ten. It reads: All those that are justified, God vouchsafed, in and for the sake of … Continue reading Meditations on ‘Of Adoption’

Hanserd Knollys on Independent Church Polity

In A Moderate Answer to Dr. Bastwick’s Book, called Independence is not God’s Ordinance. Knollys, a congregationalist, writes: Passing by many things less considerable, because I intend brevity, in the seventeenth page of the Doctor’s book, “There is a twofold question between them called Presbyterians and their brethren who are termed Independents; the first is, … Continue reading Hanserd Knollys on Independent Church Polity

Hanserd Knollys, Henry Danvers, and Jerome On Paedobapstism

The seventeenth century debate concerning the ordinance of baptism was not as simple as one might expect. The debate consisted of historical, hermeneutical, and methodological considerations. Perhaps the best way to picture such a controversy is in a series of ever-shrinking circles, the smaller inside the larger. Discussion may have began at the broadest circle, … Continue reading Hanserd Knollys, Henry Danvers, and Jerome On Paedobapstism

The Anabaptist Connection (?)

Since the seventeenth century, Particular Baptists have been referred to often as ‘Anabaptists’. In fact, to this very day, the same charge can be found swirling around Facebook discussions from our paedobaptist brethren to fellow Reformed Baptists. Is there any truth to this identification? If not, to what extent are the early Particular Baptists and, … Continue reading The Anabaptist Connection (?)

Where Is Our Hope?

Organized causes are innumerable. It takes about five minutes on social media to realize that just about every person has their favorite “cause” or purpose for which they strive. For some, it’s social justice; for others, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, etc., etc., etc. The world is fragmented, and rarely is it united under one common … Continue reading Where Is Our Hope?