Category: apologetics

The Aquinas Papers: God Is Eternal

Abstract: Thomas Aquinas purposed to demonstrate the inter-relatedness of God’s attributes insofar as when we predicate something of God, viz., eternality, then we say more than, “God is eternal.” Rather, for Aquinas, if God is eternal, He must also be necessary, pure act, and divinely simple––other things follow […]

The Necessary Relationality Argument

Register for our Newsletter! Get exclusive offers and receive news before anyone else! In our most recent debate with two atheists, Trey Jadlow and I ran what we titled the necessary relationality argument (NRA, pun very much intended). What is the NRA? The NRA is a rational evidence for […]

7 Reasons Why I’m a Christian

1. God exists The proposition, “God exists,” has been challenged for thousands of years. But it’s also been substantially defended throughout that same time frame. The apostle Paul writes, in Romans 1, that what can be known about God is made manifest to all people through that which has […]