When I Don’t ‘Feel’ Saved

Have you ever experienced a season wherein you feel as if God is far away? Discouragement and feelings of spiritual isolation may be painful, but they are relatively common throughout this roller coaster of Christian life. It is not weird to lack assurance of salvation, or feel as if God is "not on your side," … Continue reading When I Don’t ‘Feel’ Saved

Limited Atonement in Ephesians

The Calvinist has no shortage of biblical ammunition to combat universalism of Arminianism or Roman Catholicism. The battle for a "Reformed" soteriology takes many forms. Philosophical reasons are often given for why Arminianism, for example, fails to give sufficient explanation for its doctrine of salvation. And the same goes for Roman Catholicism. These are often … Continue reading Limited Atonement in Ephesians

The Mercy and Providence of God According to 2 Kings 6:8-23

Israel is at war with Syria (or Aram in some translations), the Syrian army is making raids in the land of Israel, and Elisha is the prophet of God at this time. In chapters four and five of 2 Kings, Elisha is performing miracles in the name of Yahweh and by the power of God. However, … Continue reading The Mercy and Providence of God According to 2 Kings 6:8-23

What is Theology?

Etymology tells us that theology just means "the study of God." But defining theology has not always been so simple. Giving a definition of the term according to etymological considerations alone leaves questions open such as, "Does theology only have to do with the study of an object?" "Is theology distinctly Christian?" "Can any religion have a … Continue reading What is Theology?

What Is The Old Covenant?

Typically, when we think of the OC (Old Covenant) we think of only the Mosaic Covenant made with the people of Israel on Mount Sinai, with all of the old laws that were specific to Israel and their culture, the Ten Commandments, and the requirement for sacrifices and circumcision. These ingredients are often thought to be what … Continue reading What Is The Old Covenant?