What Does it Mean to Be Confessional?

Confessions are interpretive units designed to systematize a particular understanding of God’s special revelation. Notice the term unit, there. Even the term confession assumes a singular document; similar to how a creed is a creed because it is to be adopted and confessed as a singular creedal statement. Confessions, in […]

Which Bible Should I Read?

If you live in the west, you are probably familiar with the plethora of English Bible translations. You probably also have experience with people who love one translation more than all the others. If you’re in this situation, you may be asking, “Which translation should I use?” What […]

John Owen on Natural Theology

Register for our Newsletter! Get exclusive offers and receive news before anyone else! Natural theology seems to have become somewhat of a naughty word over the last century or so in Protestant Reformed circles. Men like Cornelius Van Til, Gordon Clark, Francis Schaeffer and others––though well meaning––have villainized […]