3 Ways TULIP is Devotionally Valuable

More often than not, both Christians and non-Christians downplay the practical use of theology. Notwithstanding the biblical support for a rigorous study of God, I have developed three reasons the doctrines of grace work to conform the Christian closer to the image of Jesus Christ, both in principle […]

No God = No Truth

One day, in sunny California, I was speaking to a gentlemen who made it his custom to proclaim atheism on a weekly basis to the kind people of Balboa Park. We were talking about his motives. I was asking him questions like, “What’s the point of being here, […]

Plantinga & Van Til: Can They Be Friends?

Well… kinda. Throughout my study of apologetics, more specifically, my assessment of varying apologetic methods, Cornelius Van Til has certainly stood out. There exists in Van Til a commitment to the Scriptures along with a forceful argument for the Christian system of thought rarely seen in other apologists. […]

The [Ir]Rationale of Unbelief

In San Diego, California, our church established a regular schedule for evangelism at Balboa Park. One of the unique things about Balboa Park was that, on Saturdays, it served as the place where a multitude of different belief systems would interact. Every single Saturday, there were Muslims, Atheists, […]