Internet People: Atheists

In the last “Internet People” post, I talked about Christians. I myself am a millennial and therefore I use the internet quite often. I was raised with the internet. On top of that, I am a Christian, making me a Christian internet person. I talked about how Christians often […]

Internet People: Christians

There are all kinds of internet people. There’s, admittedly, myself. I am an internet person. I enjoy my time on the internet writing, interacting with people on Facebook and the like. There are other Christian internet people, too. They also like interacting with people on social media. Then, […]

Securing the Heavens in the Heart

Dear Brethren, A call, if you will, to prayer and discernment for the ministers of the gospel: What do the greatest ministers of the gospel have in common? Some may say brilliance. Others may say a stupendous work ethic. Still, others may compare them by their willingness to […]

My Book on Divine Simplicity

Who is God? That’s the most important question anyone could ask. Over the last few years, and especially over the last month or so, there has been controversy among Reformed Christianity as well as the broader evangelical community concerning the doctrine of God. Perhaps the answer to “Who is […]

Reasonable Theology: Apologetics

What is apologetics? Apologetics derives from the Greek term apologia. It simply means defense. If I offer an apologetic for my faith, I am offering a defense for what I believe. Is apologetics theology? Apologetics is not itself theology. It’s a defense of theology and must take into account theological […]