Athanasius and Divine Simplicity

All citations come from Athanasius, The Complete Works of St. Athanasius, and his On The Incarnation. The most valuable player for the side of orthodoxy during the Nicene Council certainly had to have been Athanasius. He’s mostly known for defending the biblical doctrine of the incarnation against Arius who imagined Christ as […]

Divine Simplicity in Scripture

Divine simplicity, from a classical take, is that doctrine which rejects the notion that God is composed. Simplicity is the antonym, as Herman Bavinck put it, of composition. He says, “the term ‘simple’ is not used here as an antonym of ‘twofold’ or ‘threefold’ but of ‘composite (Reformed […]

Church Membership: A Treatise (3)

In this article, I will discuss the Reformational backgrounds of local church membership. Not only will I cover language from both John Calvin and Francis Turretin, but I will also jump forward to men like Charles Hodge. Bojidar Marinov has openly denied that local church membership is mandated […]

Church Membership: A Treatise (2)

In the previous article, I surveyed Bojidar Marinov’s views concerning church membership. In this article, I will examine his views in light of God’s holy Word. At the same time, I will construct a biblical case for obligatory local church membership. Historically, both Baptists and Presbyterians have claimed […]

Church Membership: A Treatise (1)

Issue: A group, which appears to be heavily influenced by a man named Bojidar Marinov, has effectively denied the Reformed doctrine of local church membership. This proceeding set of articles is in response to Marinov’s writings (which were in response to Jeff Durbin, pastor of Apologia Church in […]