The Myth of Mythicism

The overwhelming (underwhelming?) minority of historians that claim Jesus is a made-up story fabricated by 1st century Jewish mystics would be pretty comical people if they weren’t serious… But, this is actually a thing. Denying history is all the rage nowadays as pop-culture (and pop-atheism) attempts to justify […]

Being Baptist

Our whole shtick here at The Baptist Reformation is to ultimately encourage Baptists in recovering their Reformational roots. That’s a big project, because even within the Reformation and its premier thinkers, there were differences. So, what kind of “Reformed” do we mean when it comes to being a […]

A Theology of Evil

People get so turned off at religion, and specifically Christianity, because of all the bad in the world. This is understandable since, over the last couple hundred years, many western Christians have emphasized the improvement of the here and now, and have sold the Gospel under the pretense […]

Three Reasons Anselm’s Ontological Argument Doesn’t Work For Islands and Ice Cream Cones

Definitions: Ontological perfection: A simple (non-composed), necessary Being Who is self-existent, omnipresent, and omniscient. In short—God. Teleological goodness: An object is teleologically good to the extent it succeeds in meeting its intended purpose. Adam was created good, not ontologically perfect. God is that Being than which nothing greater can […]