1. A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ: Is it Reasonable to Believe a Person Can Have One? (Ty Wilson v. Josh Sommer) 06/24/2017
  2. Does the Christian God Exist? (Joshua Stewart v. Josh Sommer) 11/05/2016
  3. Christians and Torah (Zachary Bauer v. Josh Sommer) 03/07/2016


  1. Sermon Audio: This is Josh’s Sermon Audio page featuring the recorded sermons he has preached, both in San Diego, CA and in Kansas City, MO.

Articles & Blogs:

  1. Academia.net: Find Josh’s research articles on Academia.
  2. The Reasonable Baptist: Josh also contributes to one of the blogs hosted on The Reformed Collective. Here he concentrates on anything from book reviews, popular-level pieces, and polemical responses to critics of Reformed orthodoxy.


  1. The Collective Cast: The official podcast of The Reformed Collective is mainly hosted by Jason Hinrichs and Josh Sommer.


  1. Grace Bible Church Evangelism Ministry: Josh is the co-founder of the Grace Bible Church (San Diego, CA) evangelism ministry (est. 2015) along with his brother in Christ, Massimo. Though Josh has since relocated to the Kansas City area, God has been pleased to sustain this ministry as it proclaims the gospel to many around San Diego, CA.
  2. The Reformed Collective: Josh is the co-founder of the Reformed Collective blog network which hosts confessionally reformed writers and a podcast. Jason Hinrichs and Josh launched the initial site in January of 2016.