I am finally wrapping up my responses to recent “race-talk.” On this page you will be able to find anything and everything I have produced concerning the topic. Included are several articles I never published. The Baptist Reformation is not purposed to talk only about race and theology and so, while I’m not opposed to speaking on it henceforth, I consider this body of work the most attention I will pay to it unless it gets even worse than it already is.

The idea of collecting this work in one place is so that readers and viewers can access this information from one place rather than going on a hunt for it.

–– Josh S.

Video series:

Race and Theology: Prelude
Race and Theology: Sin & Race
Race and Theology: The Narrative
Race and Theology: A New Covenant Structure
Race and Theology: A Statistical Look


Thabiti and TGC: A Response
Unfalsifiable Accusations
Death by Generalization: Introduction
Death by Generalization: Responsibility of “White” Christians
Death by Generalization: Making Distinctions
Death by Generalization: Culpability Further Discussed