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7 Reasons Why I’m a Christian

1. God exists The proposition, “God exists,” has been challenged for thousands of years. But it’s also been substantially defended throughout that same time frame. The apostle Paul writes, in Romans 1, that what can be¬†known about God is made manifest to all people through that which has […]

What if We Discover Aliens?

The Bible addresses humanity. In the Bible, God’s audience is the human race. It’s chiefly concerned with the glory of God in the redemption of a particular people through the Son of God incarnate. Scripture speaks of other worlds only to refer to the authority of God in […]

What Epistemology is Not

I am not a philosophy expert. Most of what I know comes from two courses in philosophy and a bunch of self-motivated research I’ve done at home. That being said, philosophy is a complicated subject. You are probably asking, “What does he mean by ‘philosophy’ here?” Case-in-point, philosophy […]

Christians & Philosophy

If your first reaction to this question is, “They shouldn’t use philosophy at all!” you’ve just answered a philosophical question and have performed the work of a philosopher! That said, philosophy is and will be used by the Christian. It is inevitable that we use it. When we […]