The Anabaptist Connection (?)

Since the seventeenth century, Particular Baptists have been referred to often as ‘Anabaptists’. In fact, to this very day, the same charge can be found swirling around Facebook discussions from our paedobaptist brethren to fellow Reformed Baptists. Is there any truth to this identification? If not, to what extent are the early Particular Baptists and, … Continue reading The Anabaptist Connection (?)

What is Theology?

Etymology tells us theology just means “the study of God.” But defining theology has not always been so simple. Giving a definition of the term according to etymological considerations alone leaves questions open such as, “Does theology only have to do with the study of an object?” “Is theology distinctly Christian?” “Can any religion have a … Continue reading What is Theology?

What About Baptists & Classical Theism?

Let’s remember that classical theism used to be the theological norm, dare I say the orthodox standard. But, when we look around at contemporary evangelicalism, and more specifically the broad stream of Western Baptists, we are reminded that this rich theological tradition has been largely buried by the rise of fideism, the seeker-friendly movement, and … Continue reading What About Baptists & Classical Theism?

Colossians 2:16––Abrogation of the 4th Commandment?

The only infallible interpreter of the holy Scripture is the Holy Spirit. This is a central hermeneutical principle we need to consider as we read through the Word of God. Only God can give a sufficient interpretation of His own Word. When we look at any passage of the Bible, one of our very first … Continue reading Colossians 2:16––Abrogation of the 4th Commandment?

The Particular Baptist View of the Abrahamic Covenant

Many of us have at least somewhat of a grasp on the Covenant of Works (CoW) and the Covenant of Grace (CoG). I know that knowledge of these two covenants were foundational in learning more about Baptist covenant theology in general. Without a proper understanding as to the natures of the CoW and the CoG … Continue reading The Particular Baptist View of the Abrahamic Covenant

Being Baptist

Our whole shtick here at The Baptist Reformation is to ultimately encourage Baptists in recovering their Reformational roots. That’s a big project, because even within the Reformation and its premier thinkers, there were differences. So, what kind of “Reformed” do we mean when it comes to being a Baptist who wants to recover his Reformational … Continue reading Being Baptist