Limited Atonement in Ephesians

The Calvinist has no shortage of biblical ammunition to combat universalism of Arminianism or Roman Catholicism. The battle for a “Reformed” soteriology takes many forms. Philosophical reasons are often given for why Arminianism, for example, fails to give sufficient explanation for its doctrine of salvation. And the same goes for Roman Catholicism. These are often … Continue reading Limited Atonement in Ephesians

Reviewing & Clarifying the Lord’s Supper

The Reformed generally held to a real presence of Christ in the sacrament, or ordinance, of the Lord’s Supper and the Particular Baptists of the seventeenth century are no exception. The Second London says: 7. Worthy receivers, outwardly partaking of the visible elements in this ordinance, do then also inwardly by faith, really and indeed, … Continue reading Reviewing & Clarifying the Lord’s Supper

My Book on Divine Simplicity

Who is God? That’s the most important question anyone could ask. Over the last few years, and especially over the last month or so, there has been controversy among Reformed Christianity as well as the broader evangelical community concerning the doctrine of God. Perhaps the answer to “Who is God?” seems obvious enough. “God is the … Continue reading My Book on Divine Simplicity

Chosen in Christ: A Response to Wagner and Flowers

Chosen. It’s kinda got a ring to it doesn’t it? The word, eklegomai in the Greek, can also be rendered selected, or elected. The apostle Paul uses the term often in his New Testament epistolary writings. Usually, he uses the term in reference to God choosing a particular people for Himself. However, the nature of this selection or election is rather … Continue reading Chosen in Christ: A Response to Wagner and Flowers