What’s So Wrong With Classical Apologetics?

Excerpt from Van Til’s Apologetic, by Greg Bahnsen: Yet we must recognize the truth contained in the contention that there is a general consciousness of man. We can do this first of all by recognizing that there once was such a consciousness. We must go back to the Adamic consciousness as being the fundamentally human consciousness. We … Continue reading What’s So Wrong With Classical Apologetics?

Being Baptist

Our whole shtick here at The Baptist Reformation is to ultimately encourage Baptists in recovering their Reformational roots. That’s a big project, because even within the Reformation and its premier thinkers, there were differences. So, what kind of “Reformed” do we mean when it comes to being a Baptist who wants to recover his Reformational … Continue reading Being Baptist

Internet People: Christians

There are all kinds of internet people. There’s, admittedly, myself. I am an internet person. I enjoy my time on the internet writing, interacting with people on Facebook and the like. There are other Christian internet people, too. They also like interacting with people on social media. Then, there are unbelieving internet people. Atheists, agnostics, … Continue reading Internet People: Christians

Church Membership: A Treatise (2)

In the previous article, I surveyed Bojidar Marinov’s views concerning church membership. In this article, I will examine his views in light of God’s holy Word. At the same time, I will construct a biblical case for obligatory local church membership. Historically, both Baptists and Presbyterians have claimed Scripture as their ultimate authority in all … Continue reading Church Membership: A Treatise (2)

When the Youth Take the Elderly to Church

You may have seen movies where parents were portrayed as forceful, church-going people who shoved their noisy kids down in the pew while smooshing their index finger into the child’s lips whispering, “be quiet!” Throughout the late 1800s and nearly the entirety of the 20th century, parents often struggled taking their children to church. In … Continue reading When the Youth Take the Elderly to Church

Francis Cheynell on Eternal Generation

This is an excerpt from a larger article. See Here. This discussion picks up right after I talk about Bruce Ware’s claim that the orthodox notion of eternal generation is no less threatening to the doctrine of the Trinity than Ware’s own Eternal Relational Authority Subordinationism (ERAS). The issue that Ware points out here has … Continue reading Francis Cheynell on Eternal Generation