What’s So Wrong With Classical Apologetics?

Excerpt from Van Til’s Apologetic, by Greg Bahnsen: Yet we must recognize the truth contained in the contention that there is a general consciousness of man. We can do this first of all by recognizing that there once was such a consciousness. We must go back to the Adamic consciousness as being the fundamentally human consciousness. We … Continue reading What’s So Wrong With Classical Apologetics?

The Particular Baptist View of the Mosaic Covenant

In my last post, I talked about the Abrahamic Covenant and as much as I didn’t want to start a new blog post series, it sure seems I’m heading in that direction. The better we can articulate the position of 1689 Federalism, the less confusion will exist between paedobaptists and Baptists concerning the matter. Which, … Continue reading The Particular Baptist View of the Mosaic Covenant

7 Reasons Why I’m a Christian

1. God exists The proposition, “God exists,” has been challenged for thousands of years. But it’s also been substantially defended throughout that same time frame. The apostle Paul writes, in Romans 1, that what can be known about God is made manifest to all people through that which has been created. Me, you, the trees, the … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why I’m a Christian

What if We Discover Aliens?

The Bible addresses humanity. In the Bible, God’s audience is the human race. It’s chiefly concerned with the glory of God in the redemption of a particular people through the Son of God incarnate. Scripture speaks of other worlds only to refer to the authority of God in universal creation (Heb. 11:3). The Bible never … Continue reading What if We Discover Aliens?

Being Baptist

Our whole shtick here at The Baptist Reformation is to ultimately encourage Baptists in recovering their Reformational roots. That’s a big project, because even within the Reformation and its premier thinkers, there were differences. So, what kind of “Reformed” do we mean when it comes to being a Baptist who wants to recover his Reformational … Continue reading Being Baptist

Reasonable Theology: Apologetics

What is apologetics? Apologetics derives from the Greek term apologia. It simply means defense. If I offer an apologetic for my faith, I am offering a defense for what I believe. Is apologetics theology? Apologetics is not itself theology. It’s a defense of theology and must take into account theological truths. Thus, apologetics, while distinct from the … Continue reading Reasonable Theology: Apologetics