Evil Christmas – I

I'm half a month late on this one. Usually, people who want to write about Christmas write their posts prior to Christmas day so everyone on Facebook can know (for the twentieth time) that Christmas is evil and should not be celebrated in any way. This is not a post like those. If you wanted … Continue reading Evil Christmas – I

What About Baptists & Classical Theism?

Let's remember that classical theism used to be the theological norm, dare I say the orthodox standard. But, when we look around at contemporary evangelicalism, and more specifically the broad stream of Western Baptists, we are reminded that this rich theological tradition has been largely buried by the rise of fideism, the seeker-friendly movement, and … Continue reading What About Baptists & Classical Theism?

What Does the 1st London Confession Have To Do With the 2nd?

Register for our Newsletter! Get exclusive offers and receive news before anyone else! A great number of the men who signed off on the 1st London Confession also signed off on the 2nd London Confession (cf. Dr. James Renihan, The Baptist Confession of Faith, Foreword). According to Nehemiah Coxe and William Collins in their 'Letter … Continue reading What Does the 1st London Confession Have To Do With the 2nd?

A Theology of Evil

People get so turned off at religion, and specifically Christianity, because of all the bad in the world. This is understandable since, over the last couple hundred years, many western Christians have emphasized the improvement of the here and now, and have sold the Gospel under the pretense that it will make your lifeĀ better. This … Continue reading A Theology of Evil

Good Works: A Confessional Perspective

With the recent brush up concerning good works as they relate to the overall plan of salvation, it may be good to look at what the historic Reformed Baptist position was and is. The Confession can give the Christian both a historical and a theological perspective on tough issues such as these. We do not … Continue reading Good Works: A Confessional Perspective