Calvinism and Arminianism on Predestination

The Calvinist and Arminian view on the doctrines of grace in relation to predestination is articulated in the doctrine of election and reprobation. J.L. Dagg defined election as “all who will finally be saved, were chosen to salvation by God the Father, before the foundation of the world, and given to Jesus Christ in the … Continue reading Calvinism and Arminianism on Predestination

Don’t Be a Puritan!

We all aspire to become our heroes. One of my favorite Puritans is John Winthrop. He was a 17th century attorney who also led the “Winthrop Fleet,” consisting of about 1,000 Puritans, across the Atlantic––from Britain to Massachusetts. This would have been a massive undertaking at that time. It’s absolutely fascinating that people back then … Continue reading Don’t Be a Puritan!