Killing Reason: The Danger of Thinking in an Age of Thoughtlessness

If you find yourself continuously chewing on systematic theology, reading analytical Bible commentaries, or burying yourself in pre-modern philosophy books, you have probably found out by now that you’re an outlaw. The 21st century evangelical Church can be a dangerous place to use one’s mind, and this becomes abundantly clear when questions like, “Man, why … Continue reading Killing Reason: The Danger of Thinking in an Age of Thoughtlessness

Christians & Philosophy

If your first reaction to this question is, “They shouldn’t use philosophy at all!” you’ve just answered a philosophical question and have performed the work of a philosopher! That said, philosophy is and will be used by the Christian. It is inevitable that we use it. When we think about things like the law of … Continue reading Christians & Philosophy

Reasonable Theology: Apologetics

What is apologetics? Apologetics derives from the Greek term apologia. It simply means defense. If I offer an apologetic for my faith, I am offering a defense for what I believe. Is apologetics theology? Apologetics is not itself theology. It’s a defense of theology and must take into account theological truths. Thus, apologetics, while distinct from the … Continue reading Reasonable Theology: Apologetics

Reasonable Theology: A Firm Foundation

The Christian must put an end to reason where faith begins. For the last century, this has been a common assumption, even among evangelical believers. But what is reason, what is faith? While there certainly should be a distinction made between the two, are they to be seen as totally estranged from one another? Faith in one … Continue reading Reasonable Theology: A Firm Foundation

The Break-Up: Molinism & Divine Simplicity

If you’re a Molinist, you have to break up with divine simplicity. This isn’t a problem for many Molinists because a lot of them have already denied the doctrine. While there may be many reasons for this break-up with simplicity (William Lane Craig finds a conflict between it and the doctrine of the Trinity), there … Continue reading The Break-Up: Molinism & Divine Simplicity

When the Youth Take the Elderly to Church

You may have seen movies where parents were portrayed as forceful, church-going people who shoved their noisy kids down in the pew while smooshing their index finger into the child’s lips whispering, “be quiet!” Throughout the late 1800s and nearly the entirety of the 20th century, parents often struggled taking their children to church. In … Continue reading When the Youth Take the Elderly to Church