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Unfalsifiable Accusations

Preface: In this article, I am reacting to the behavior exemplified at the recent MLK50 Conference, sponsored by The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC. I use words like “movement” and “narrative.” These terms refer to the general thrust and way of thinking presented at this conference and in […]

Christians & Philosophy

If your first reaction to this question is, “They shouldn’t use philosophy at all!” you’ve just answered a philosophical question and have performed the work of a philosopher! That said, philosophy is and will be used by the Christian. It is inevitable that we use it. When we […]

Apocalyptic Dualism or Covenant Theology?

According to Bruce Longenecker and Todd Still in Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology, the apostle Paul places the solution to their dilemma “within a rigorous apocalyptic framework. (p. 96)”[1] In this volume, Longenecker and Still envision two “systems” which Paul describes to […]