The Aseity And Infinitude Of God Part IV 

Objections Open Theism One clear objection to the infinite and a se God is open theism. Another way to describe this view is theistic mutualism. They believe God to be relational with his creation to the point where God is no longer, or possibly never has been, absolute in every essence, thus making him changeable in relation to creation to an extent. One … Continue reading The Aseity And Infinitude Of God Part IV 

Divine Simplicity in Scripture

Divine simplicity, from a classical take, is that doctrine which rejects the notion that God is composed. Simplicity is the antonym, as Herman Bavinck put it, of composition. He says, “the term ‘simple’ is not used here as an antonym of ‘twofold’ or ‘threefold’ but of ‘composite (Reformed Dogmatics, 2.4, p. 177).’” Those of you … Continue reading Divine Simplicity in Scripture