What Is The Old Covenant?

Typically, when we think of the OC (Old Covenant) we think of only the Mosaic Covenant made with the people of Israel on Mount Sinai, with all of the old laws that were specific to Israel and their culture, the Ten Commandments, and the requirement for sacrifices and circumcision. These ingredients are often thought to be what … Continue reading What Is The Old Covenant?

John Frame Strikes Again

In his recent article, Dr. John Frame has once more put his fingers to the keyboard in another effort to critique Classical Christian Theism and has made sure, this time, to take on Thomas Aquinas directly. The problem? He demonstrates a great deal of misunderstanding, and I do not say that lightly. After a painful … Continue reading John Frame Strikes Again

What Is the Power of God?

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. –– Romans 1:16 There are several ways in which we could answer the question, "What is the power of God?" We could discuss the attribute of … Continue reading What Is the Power of God?

The Aseity And Infinitude Of God Part IV 

Objections Open Theism One clear objection to the infinite and a se God is open theism. Another way to describe this view is theistic mutualism. They believe God to be relational with his creation to the point where God is no longer, or possibly never has been, absolute in every essence, thus making him changeable in relation to creation to an extent. One … Continue reading The Aseity And Infinitude Of God Part IV 

Mary, Mother of God

No phrase in modern evangelicalism is more cringe-worthy than "Mary, mother of God." There was a time when I couldn't stand this designation. "Mother of God?" I'd ask myself, "God is un-created! He can't have a mother!" It seemed so impious and blasphemous to suggest that God the Son had an earthly mother. But, what … Continue reading Mary, Mother of God