Excommunicating The Fathers

“Two-thousand years of church history,” by itself, is a humbling consideration… at least it should be. The church has a very complex and colorful past. From the Mediterranean coastal lands to the north African deserts and central Europe; from Christians who dwelt in trees to those who lived in rock igloos in islands. The church … Continue reading Excommunicating The Fathers

The Explanation of Knowledge and the Act of Knowing

Everything has an explanation. Contingent things have explanations independent of themselves. God is His own “explanation” because He is necessary Being. An explanation is that which accounts for the existence of something or the description of the precondition(s) for a particular state of affairs. Rocks have explanations; shirts have explanations; tables have explanations; coffee has … Continue reading The Explanation of Knowledge and the Act of Knowing

The Break-Up: Molinism & Divine Simplicity

If you’re a Molinist, you have to break up with divine simplicity. This isn’t a problem for many Molinists because a lot of them have already denied the doctrine. While there may be many reasons for this break-up with simplicity (William Lane Craig finds a conflict between it and the doctrine of the Trinity), there … Continue reading The Break-Up: Molinism & Divine Simplicity