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7 Reasons Why I’m a Christian

1. God exists The proposition, “God exists,” has been challenged for thousands of years. But it’s also been substantially defended throughout that same time frame. The apostle Paul writes, in Romans 1, that what can be known about God is made manifest to all people through that which has […]

What Epistemology is Not

I am not a philosophy expert. Most of what I know comes from two courses in philosophy and a bunch of self-motivated research I’ve done at home. That being said, philosophy is a complicated subject. You are probably asking, “What does he mean by ‘philosophy’ here?” Case-in-point, philosophy […]

Unfalsifiable Accusations

Preface: In this article, I am reacting to the behavior exemplified at the recent MLK50 Conference, sponsored by The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC. I use words like “movement” and “narrative.” These terms refer to the general thrust and way of thinking presented at this conference and in […]