John Frame Strikes Again

In his recent article, Dr. John Frame has once more put his fingers to the keyboard in another effort to critique Classical Christian Theism and has made sure, this time, to take on Thomas Aquinas directly. The problem? He demonstrates a great deal of misunderstanding, and I do not say that lightly. After a painful … Continue reading John Frame Strikes Again

Van Til’s “True Knowledge” & Classical Apologetics

The conscience of this position is that here too we meet with the same basic alternative between Christian and non-Christian methodology. As Christians we hold it to be impossible to interpret any fact without a basic falsification unless it be regarded in its relation to God the Creator and to Christ the Redeemer. On the … Continue reading Van Til’s “True Knowledge” & Classical Apologetics

What’s So Wrong With Classical Apologetics?

Excerpt from Van Til’s Apologetic, by Greg Bahnsen: Yet we must recognize the truth contained in the contention that there is a general consciousness of man. We can do this first of all by recognizing that there once was such a consciousness. We must go back to the Adamic consciousness as being the fundamentally human consciousness. We … Continue reading What’s So Wrong With Classical Apologetics?