Securing the Heavens in the Heart

Dear Brethren, A call, if you will, to prayer and discernment for the ministers of the gospel: What do the greatest ministers of the gospel have in common? Some may say brilliance. Others may say a stupendous work ethic. Still, others may compare them by their willingness to say boldly what must be said. Even … Continue reading Securing the Heavens in the Heart

Don’t Be a Puritan!

We all aspire to become our heroes. One of my favorite Puritans is John Winthrop. He was a 17th century attorney who also led the “Winthrop Fleet,” consisting of about 1,000 Puritans, across the Atlantic––from Britain to Massachusetts. This would have been a massive undertaking at that time. It’s absolutely fascinating that people back then … Continue reading Don’t Be a Puritan!