William Bradford in ‘Of the Plimoth Plantation’

The biblical-theological significance behind the Pilgrim's sentiments and actions should not be forgotten. Sadly, Unitarian churches now line the streets of the original site of Plymouth Plantation. Not one of them preach the gospel—the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who was so loved by our forerunners. In downtown Plymouth, not even a mile … Continue reading William Bradford in ‘Of the Plimoth Plantation’

Reformed Baptist Monergism

Register for our Newsletter! Get exclusive offers and receive news before anyone else! Often in the debate of Monergism and Synergism the question being asked is: "Which comes first, faith or regeneration?" What does the Bible teach us about faith and regeneration? How does repentance fit in too? Monergism can be defined as the view … Continue reading Reformed Baptist Monergism